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2.1 Compiling the source

First, uncompress and unpack the distribution to a location of your choosing. The distribution will be extracted into a directory named `mydns-1.0.0'.

Change directory into the distribution directory, then run the configure script to configure the package for your system.

The `INSTALL' file has full details on how the configure script works. Run configure --help to output a summary of all options.

You'll probably be able to simply run the configure command with no additional arguments.

$ ./configure

If you have both MySQL and PostgreSQL installed on your system, MyDNS chooses MySQL by default. To tell MyDNS to use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL, run configure --without-mysql.

After the configuration process is complete, build the package.

$ make

Then, if the build completed successfully, install the package.

# make install

The `mydns' binary should now be installed in the `sbin' dir beneath the `prefix' provided to the configure script, if any.

By default, `mydns' is installed as `/usr/local/sbin/mydns'.