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3. Database

The default database name is `mydns'.

To specify a different name, edit the `database' variable in your `mydns.conf'.

You can freely add columns to the `mydns' database. You can also modify the columns that MyDNS uses, as long as you don't change their names.

The table layouts described here are for the tables created on a MySQL database. If you're using PostgreSQL, the fields are pretty much the same; however, the field types are slightly different. You can run mydns --create-tables to see the exact table structures.

3.1 The `soa' table  Information about zones (SOA records).
3.2 The `rr' table  All other resource records.
3.3 Supported RR types  The RR types supported and what their data should contain.
3.4 Optional columns  Optional columns enabling extra functionality.