18-Jan-2006  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [1.1.0]

   *  Implemented RFC 2136 (DNS UPDATE).  See the manual
      for usage instructions.
   *  Fixed minor bug in admin.php where if db_get_settings()
      failed, it might display an error message without
      consistent formatting.
   *  Added two additional fields to the --verbose query log.
      The opcode of the query (QUERY or UPDATE), and a quoted
      field containing a description of the UPDATE performed,
      if the opcode was UPDATE.
   *  Updated contrib/stats.php to handle new log fields.
   *  Fixed bug in --dump-config -- if present, fields without
      default values ("no-listen", "soa-where", "rr-where",
      and "recursive") were not being dumped.
   *  Made --dump-config dump ALL possible configuration
      options, even if no value was originally specified.  As
      such, MyDNS will no longer warn the user when a config
      option doesn't have a value.  It will be silently ignored.
   *  Including <inttypes.h> after a suggestion by Christian
      Tschenett, to help things out on 64-bit platforms like OSX.
      If this creates problems on your platform, please let me
   *  Modified admin.php to allow a backslash in the 'mbox' field,
      immediately preceding a dot.  This is used in DNS to
      indicate the presence of a dot in the username part of the
      administrator's email address.  There was an additional bug
      report from Andreas Grip that MyDNS was replying with the
      slashes doubled up in this case, but it appears to be a
      problem with the "dig" program, not MyDNS.
   *  Fixed bug with "rr-where" clause -- conf.c was using
      "soa-where" instead.  David Darville first reported this bug.
      Michael Gile submitted it two minutes later, with a patch.
   *  Added "create_domain.pl" to the contrib/ directory.  Thanks
      to Gerard de Brieder for this script.  See contrib/README
      for more information.
   *  Fixed bug in src/lib/rr.c (mydns_rr_load) that caused a
      segfault if origin was NULL (it was designed to allow NULL,
      but this version is the first to ever call it in that way).
   *  Added support for NAPTR (RFC 2915) records.  Users with
      existing MyDNS databases will need to alter their tables to
      allow "NAPTR" in the "type" column if they want to use NAPTR.
   *  Renamed library functions mydns_parse_rr() and mydns_parse_soa()
      to mydns_rr_parse() and mydns_soa_parse(), for consistency.
   *  Library functions mydns_rr_dup() and mydns_soa_dup() now fail
      (terminating the program) if out of memory.
   *  Moved routines that parse data for individual RR types (RP,
      SRV, and NAPTR) into individual functions from mydns_rr_parse
      for clarity.
   *  Fixed bug where AXFR might transmit incorrect information if
      a FQDN is used in the 'name' field.
   *  Fixed AXFR bug with ALIAS enabled.  Thanks to Sven Wegener for
      the patch.
   *  Created file "README.mysql" to address various problems common
      while compiling with MySQL support.
   *  Fixed "use of cast expressions as lvalues is deprecated"
      warning (caused compilation abort with --enable-debug).
   *  Added hostname to beginning of SIGUSR1 status output.
   *  Renamed "update" column in the soa table to "update_acl"; how
      could I be so stupid as to name a column "update"?!
   *  Fixed a critical denial-of-service vulnerability.

13-Jan-2005  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [1.0.0]

   *  Changed PostgreSQL connect error message code.
      It will still try the Unix domain socket (not sure
      why I did that) but if all fails, it outputs the
      first error message, which is much more likely to
      make sense.
   *  Implemented David Phillips' AIX patch.
   *  Implemented Petter Larsson's ALIAS patches for
      mydnscheck and mydnsexport.
   *  Made sure all copyright notices included 2005.
   *  Fixed "undefined constant" and other strict error
      message stuff in contrib/admin.php.
   *  Fixed reference to "rr" (table name) in
      contrib/admin.php -- replaced with $rr_table_name.
      Thanks to Harald Paulsen for finding this.

21-May-2004  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.11.0]

   *  Added config option "--enable-alt-names" for my
      employer and lots of DN_COLUMN_NAMES conditionals
      to make MyDNS work with DN's databases.  No other
      users will want to compile with this option.
   *  Enhanced error messages for net functions to indicate
      the type of connection (UDP/TCP).
   *  Fixed internationalization on some error messages in
   *  Fixed multiple bugs affecting TCP queries.  These
      fixes should alleviate the major problems reported by
      Russell D. Weiss, and anyone with TCP enabled.
   *  Added command line option "--no-data-errors" to
      inhibit "invalid address" errors and the like.
   *  Added configure option "--disable-date-logging" to
      turn off date/time logging in verbose output.
   *  Updated README to include information about where
      the web interface is located.
   *  Re-enabled the negative cache by default.
   *  Added sockclose() function/macro to the utility lib
      to simplify the multiple instances of the same code.
   *  Several crash-worthy bugs fixed in task_process()
      and task_free().
   *  axfr_zone() now uses mydns_rr_load() with a NULL name
      rather than it's own parsing code, to eliminate
      redundant code.
   *  Added configuration option "--enable-status" which
      enables BIND-like server status and identification
      names.  Disabled by default, and not recommended for
      production servers.

28-Apr-2004  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.10.4]

   *  Unknown RR types are ignored.  RR type names must now
      be exact.
   *  TCP replies are now cached separately from UDP replies
      so that overly-long UDP replies won't be sent.  As a
      side effect, TCP replies are now cached -- previously,
      they were not.
   *  DNS name encoding was inadvertently turned off in the
      last few versions!  It's turned back on, now.

12-Mar-2004  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.10.3]

   *  Added support for the RP resource record type.
      If you want to add RP support to your existing
      database, just add it as a possible value to the
      "type" column in the "rr" database.
   *  Fixed bug in AXFR-forking code -- pipe was created
      but not closed if fork() failed.
   *  Added support for HINFO and RP records in mydns
      import/export utilities.
   *  Added check for non-CNAME records for a name that
      has a CNAME record.  The DNS algorithm handles
      these (the non-CNAME records are never examined),
      but some other DNS servers don't, and it would be
      wise to remove them if you plan to use mydnsexport
      or outgoing DNS-based zone transfers.
   *  "Query truncated" message lowered from LOG_NOTICE to
   *  Added code to avoid flooding the logs with "invalid
      name" errors if the same record is requested multiple
   *  Fixed bug -- was calling close(-1) sometimes.
   *  Added mydnsptrconvert.8 man page.  Thanks to Philipp
   *  Fixed wierd "double dot" bug (for the second time!) in
   *  Fixed "avg life" SIGUSR2 output when no cache entries
      have ever been removed -- output uptime instead of "0".

11-Feb-2004  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.10.2]

   *  "Query truncated" message lowered from LOG_WARNING to
   *  Fixed minor spelling error in conf.c - thanks to
      Philipp Kern.
   *  Added "contrib/MyDNS.pm", a Perl interface to the
      MyDNS database written by Allen Bettilyon.
   *  Eliminated the 'NegativeCache' -- it seemed to
      make things generally slower.
   *  Fixed bug where the cache didn't work if you didn't
      have recursive forwarding enabled.  Thanks to
      David S. Madole for his excellent analysis of this
      problem.  As a result of this fix, recursively
      retrieved data is never cached, and authoritative
      replies are only cached if the RCODE was NOERROR.
   *  New mydns.conf option "ignore-minimum" for users
      who don't want MyDNS to adjust TTL values lower
      than the zone's minimum TTL.  "admin.php" and
      "mydnscheck" also updated to respect this option.
   *  Removed '--enable-static-build' from MySQL RPM
      build due to lack of a static libnss_files (and
      probably libnss_dns), which are apparently part
      of gethostbyname().
   *  Added TODO file to the distribution, in case anybody
      wants to help.

15-Dec-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.10.1]

   *  Server can now answer requests on IPv6 addresses.
   *  mydnsimport was not importing PTR records.  Fixed.
   *  Removed default value '' for 'no-listen' --
      why ignore localhost by default?
   *  Fixed bug where FQDN glue records might contain an
      empty label, causing a malformed DNS message.
   *  Un-included pg-config.h - Postgres 7.4 had name conflict
      with PACKAGE_VERSION etc.
   *  Added retry for "error reading startup notification:
      Interrupted system call" error.
   *  Added optional (and not recommended) recursive query
   *  Fixed handling of queries with 'response' bit set.  Now
      discarded instead of replied to with FORMERR.  Thanks to
      Roy Arends for pointing this out.

02-Aug-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.10.0]

   *  All rlimit commands have #ifdef's around them, to prevent
      Solaris compilation problems.  Thanks to Fernando Durango.
   *  Changed field lengths in database creation for MySQL
      tables to 64 characters for 'data' and 128 characters for
      'name' due to key length restriction.  Thanks to Alex Dupre
      and the other users who reported this problem.
   *  Moved cache status output to SIGUSR2, changed SIGUSR1 output
      to a one-line status.
   *  An informative message is now output if MyDNS returns
      SERVFAIL due to invalid data.
   *  Task queuing for both UDP and TCP requests consolidated in
      new_task() so that sanity checks don't need to be duplicated.
   *  Queries with format errors now log as much as possible about
      what MyDNS was able to parse.
   *  Signals were not being processed when they arrived if the
      server was completely idle (they would get done when there
      was any activity).  It now checks every half-second.
   *  If the TTL (and minimum TTL) of a SOA record is 0, or if
      the TTL for any resource record (and the zone minimum) is
      0, the records and reply will not be cached [RFC 1035, 3.2.1].
   *  Changed SCRIPT_NAME in contrib/admin.php back to PHP_SELF to
      maintain compatibility with older PHP versions.

27-Jul-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.13]

   *  Corrected image caching problem in admin.php.  Thanks to
      Matthew Parke Bostrom for finding the solution!
   *  Fixed major bug that caused RRs where name == origin to
      generate malformed messages.  Thanks to Neo Wee Teck.
   *  Corrected compliation failure on systems that don't have
      strsep().  Thanks to Fernando Durango for reporting this.
   *  Major updates to documentation.  Everything is now
      described for both MySQL and PostgreSQL.
   *  Added "reply from cache?" field to --verbose (-v) log line.
   *  Fixed bug where --verbose (-v) log line had incorrect
      record count if the reply was from the cache.
   *  Cache size (bytes) reported by SIGUSR1 output fixed.
   *  Restored "optional column" verbose notices.
   *  SIGHUP now scans tables for optional columns, enabling
      (or disabling) them if found (or disappeared).
   *  Modified queries in admin.php to use "LIMIT offset,rows"
      syntax rather than "LIMIT rows OFFSET offset" for MySQL,
      since "LIMIT rows OFFSET offset" doesn't work with 3.23.xx.
      Thanks to Andreas Danzer for reporting this.
   *  "UDP message too short" no longer output on a read of 0 bytes.
   *  Added negative reply cache; uses same size as the zone cache
      (it takes up almost no memory but speeds things up).
   *  Added --with-openssl configure options, for sites that have
      OpenSSL compiled into their MySQL client library.  It must
      be specified manually at the present time.
   *  Added --enable-static-build, mostly for creation of the RPM
      packages so that different distributions don't run into
      libc problems, etc.  It compiles with -all-static.
   *  Cache expiration times of 0 used to disable the cache; now
      they mean "never expire, or when the TTL runs out".

09-Jul-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.12]

   *  Eliminated the PTR table.  "ptrconvert" program now included
      for converting your PTR table to regular in-addr.arpa zones.
      See http://mydns.bboy.net/ptr.html for details.
   *  Fixed messed-up meter output in 'mydnscheck'.
   *  Fixed bug that caused 'mydnsexport' to crash when exporting
      zones containing no resource records.
   *  Added David Phillips' utility "mydns-conf" to the installed
      utilities.  It's used to create a daemontools service directory
      for MyDNS.
   *  Rewrote contrib/admin.php to work with new two-table layout.
      Many enhancements and changes.
   *  If database access fails during resolution, SERVFAIL is returned
      (older versions returned REFUSED as though MyDNS were not
      authoritative for the requested zone) and MyDNS will attempt
      to reconnect to the database.
   *  New configuration values "soa-where" and "rr-where" enable
      specification of additional WHERE clauses to add to lookup
      queries for SOA records and resource records, respectively.
   *  Added support for HINFO resource records.
   *  "mydnsexport -b" (BIND format) was omitting the aux, weight,
      and port when writing SRV records.
   *  "mydnsexport -t" (tinydns format) did not output SRV records
      at all.  Now they are output in the format specified by
      Michael Handler's SRV patch (http://tinydns.org/srv-patch).
   *  MyDNS now checks for glue FQDN's within the current zone.
   *  Fixed malformed reply when an A record contains an invalid
   *  Dropped NLS support in doc/ subdirectory as it was grossly
      out-of-date.    Simplified documentation build process.
   *  Added tinydns data file support to 'mydnsimport'.
   *  RRs without data now cause SERVFAIL/ERR_NAME_FORMAT.
   *  Overly long labels/names now cause SERVFAIL instead of
      (incorrect) FORMERR.
   *  Removed startup messages about optional columns.
   *  Last word in query log lines (with --verbose) is now "LOG"
      so that it can be easily detected by scripts, etc.
   *  "log" configuration option now accepts "stdout" or a filename
      in addition to the previously allowed values.
   *  Added second line to SIGUSR1 output listing the total number
      of each type of result (NOERROR/SERVFAIL/NXDOMAIN/etc).
   *  Made sure that any acceptable boolean value would work for
      the optional 'active' column in admin.php, mydns, and utilities.
   *  Fixed reply cache bug that would reply with NOERROR incorrectly
      on various errors.
   *  SIGUSR1 info now split across multiple lines for easier reading.
   *  Added 'stats.php' to contrib/
   *  MyDNS now correctly returns FORMERR where possible in
      response to badly-formed queries.

02-May-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.10]

   *  Dist tarballs now include complete .spec files in pkg/
   *  Fix to reply code to make sure QR flag is always set in
      responses.  Thanks to Justin Moore for pointing this out
      (it was causing zone transfers to fail for BIND "stub"
   *  Fix to conf.c - MyDNS will now emit an error if an option
      is given without a value.  Thanks to Arnaud de Bermingham.
   *  Removed email addresses (except mine) from the ChangeLog.
      Web spiders were finding them and spamming people who
      helped me out. How nice!
   *  Fixed bug in which the AA (authoritative) flag was not
      set if the entire reply was cached. Thanks to David
   *  AXFR rulesets may now be specified in CIDR (
      or network/netmask ( notation.

06-Apr-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.9]

   *  Fixed serious bug in delegation code that was causing
      NOERROR responses to be returned with NS information in
      AUTHORITY instead of the SOA record.
   *  Cleaned up CFLAGS construction in m4/mydns.m4.

27-Mar-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.8]

   *  WARNING! Load balancing now works exactly the opposite way
      that it did in previous versions!    They are now ordered
      similarly to MX records, with lower 'aux' values meaning
      "higher preference". See the manual for full details.
   *  Support for SRV (RFC2782) records.  If you're running an old
      version, just add a SRV enum value to the "type" column in
      your "rr" table, then read the manual to see how they work.
   *  New reply cache; saves lots of database traffic on often-
      requested records that don't have any dynamic content (like
      load balancing, MX records, etc.).  The "cache-size" and
      "cache-expire" options have been replaced by
      "reply-cache-size", "reply-cache-expire", "zone-cache-size",
      and "zone-cache-expire".    The old variables will still work,
      however, and will allocate 1/3 of cache area to the reply
      cache.    Current users may want to use "mydns --dump-config"
      to update their mydns.conf files.
   *  Default "timeout" changed to 120 seconds.
   *  mydns.conf(5) updated - had some very old information.
   *  zlib is now properly checked if compiling with MySQL client.
   *  malloc() et al wrapper functions removed to save function
      calls.    Each memory allocation is now checked inline.
   *  Restructured "doc" directory - it makes much more sense now.
   *  Many enhancements to contrib/admin.php.
   *  Records appearing in the ANSWER section no longer duplicated
      in ADDITIONAL.
   *  ADDITIONAL data is sorted where it would be sensible.
   *  Bug fixed in 'mydnsimport' where importing was broken for
      non-standard 'soa' table name.    Thanks to Matthias Goebl.
   *  PostgreSQL SQL code changed to allow views.  More thanks to
      Matthias Goebl.
   *  Merged David Phillips' ALIAS patch (via "--enable-alias").
   *  More bugfixes to delegation code.    It should be fixed now,
      I swear.
   *  Improved RR sorting code.  "aux" value for load balancing
      may now contain any valid number (no longer clamped at 10);
      lower values are more likely to be listed first.

07-Mar-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.7]

   *  "mydnsimport" bug fixed - RR data consisting of exactly
      the zone origin was being truncated to the empty string,
      which won't work. Thanks to Ari Pollak.
   *  If soa.ns or soa.mbox do not end in a dot, the zone origin
      is appended.
   *  MyDNS now refuses to build packets containing labels that
      do not end in a dot. The server will return SERVFAIL and
      the error ERR_NAME_FORMAT.
   *  PostgreSQL connection routine now attempts connection via
      Unix socket if TCP connection fails.    Thanks to Lee
      Brotherston for the info.

04-Mar-2003  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.6]

   *  Server now uses reliable signals via sigaction().
      Thanks very much to Joost Damad.
      who generously fixed the problem and supplied a patch.
   *  Did away with --enable-axfr-debug, which is now just
      included with --enable-debug. DEBUG define renamed
      Added -d, --debug option to all util programs, for
   *  Fixed bug when specifying multiple 'listen' addresses
      when the first began with '*'.
   *  Added 'mydns' configuration option 'no-listen', specifying
      a list of address[:port] that should not be listened on,
      even if they are specified in 'listen' - this makes it
      easier to create a generic configuration file that says
      "listen on every address except", for example.
   *  "mydnsimport" now removes trailing origins on all names
      by default, to decrease database size. To inhibit this
      behavior, use the '--notrim' option.
   *  "mydnsimport" now correctly tries all A records returned
      when looking up a hostname.    If the first fails, it tries
      the second, etc.
   *  Fixed malformed packet bug when RR data contained non-FQDN
      name values.

08-Dec-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.5]

   *  PostgreSQL support added; many source changes,
      especially in src/lib - All source now uses
      generic SQL types - SQL, SQL_RES, SQL_ROW.
   *  The "mysql-*" config vars are now called "db-*".
      "mysql-*" still work though, for backwards compatibility.
   *  mysql_options() is only being called for MySQL client
      libraries with versions later than 3.23.49.  3.23.49
      in particular is known to segfault when mysql_options()
      is called.  I am assuming that earlier versions fail as
      well, and that newer versions do not segfault.
   *  LOG_NOTICE and LOG_VERBOSE messages changed to LOG_WARNING;
      apparently most syslog configurations do not actually log
      the lower priorities.
   *  Changed verbose time output format to human-readable.
   *  contrib/admin.php updated to support PostgreSQL.    Also
      several minor enhancements/bugfixes.
   *  Fixed bug with top-level RR's in zone when the name was
      equal to the zone origin.
   *  New "./configure" option --enable-axfr-debug.
   *  Fixed AXFR-related file descriptor leak.
   *  If the TTL for a record is shorter than "cache-expire",
      the TTL is used instead.
   *  Removed gettext() calls around debug output -- it changes
      too often for translations to be useful.  Besides, very
      few messages contain much English text.
   *  Fixed several serious bugs in the handling of NS and glue
      records. Thanks to Russell Weiss.
   *  Added support for classless IN-ADDR.ARPA delegations.
   *  Fixed bugs in mydnsexport when listing IN-ADDR.ARPA zones.
   *  Several changes to fix compiling on Solaris.

25-Sep-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.3]

   *  Fixed major "omission" in admin.php from last version
      - I accidentally erased a line that caused RR's not
      to show up. Oops!
   *  Fixed error when compiling on Solaris due to LOG_PERROR
      being undefined.
   *  Added typedefs for machines without u_intX_t.
   *  Fixed handling of referrals and glue records.
   *  Rewrote AXFR; should work now.
   *  Removed all references to u_int64_t, PRINTF_NEEDS_QUAD, etc.

20-Sep-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.2]

   *  Fixed bug when attempting to AXFR in-addr.arpa zones
      from versions of BIND prior to BIND 9.
   *  Added support for "in-addr.arpa." zones in the SOA
      table, if non-default values are desired.
   *  Added support for non-class-C in-addr.arpa zones.
   *  contrib/admin.php now supports in-addr.arpa format.
   *  Added $auto_update_serial option to contrib/admin.php.

17-Sep-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.1]

   *  "mydnscheck -C" option did not work correctly - fixed.
   *  Fixed bug that caused AXFR to fail when transferring to
      hosts running versions of BIND prior to BIND 9.
   *  Fixed bug that caused AXFR to generate bad packets for
      CNAME/NS/MX RR's whose data did not contain the origin.

13-Sep-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.9.0]

   *  Spanish native language support by Jose Luis Domingo Lopez.
   *  AXFR import moved into separate program, "mydnsimport".
      "mydnsimport" no longer updates the databases directly, but
      outputs SQL statements that will perform the updates.
   *  When returning an answer containing multiple equal-preference
      MX records, MyDNS now shuffles them randomly each time, so
      that the first one on the list doesn't get a heavier load.
      Also corrected non-problematic bug where ADDITIONAL data was
      sometimes not inserted if round-robin or load balancing was
   *  "mydnsdump" program renamed to "mydnsexport" and now supports
      exporting to tinydns-data format.
   *  SOA output changed.  AUTHORITY section now contains list of
      authoritative nameservers on exact match. On inexact match,
      SOA is now output in AUTHORITY instead of ANSWER.
   *  Resource records containing an FQDN in the 'name' column
      (instead of just a hostname) now work properly.
   *  TTL on response RRs are now adjusted if below the minimum
      for the zone.
   *  SOA records with blank ns/mbox now provided default values
      and warned about by mydnscheck.  Thanks to David Phillips.
   *  New optional database column 'xfer' in the 'soa' table, to
      support restricting DNS-based zone transfers to specified
      IP addresses.  If present, this will be used by MyDNS and
      also in admin.php.
   *  Added request time to verbose output.
   *  Add warning about truncated UDP replies if TCP support is
   *  Added David Phillips' ALIAS patch to 'contrib'.
   *  Fixed rare DNS-encoding bug.
   *  Verbose (-v, --verbose) output now goes to stdout instead
      of stderr.
   *  Added support for native language documentation.
   *  Enhanced admin.php (SOA browser, PTR brower, zone create)

10-Aug-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.8.3]

   *  Fixed "0 length reply" problem for NOTIMP reply due to
      invalid query class.
   *  Removed the "test" program from the package. It's useless
      really to anybody but me.
   *  Modified listening code so that INADDR_ANY is never used.
      Instead, interfaces will be scanned and added individually,
      so that replies always come from the correct interface.
   *  Fixed bug in '--import' option when updating existing SOA.
   *  Added command line option "-D, --database"
   *  Added support for AAAA records on machines without IPv6.
      Added Paul Vixie's inet_ntop() and inet_pton() to the
      util library. Tested on FreeBSD 3.1-STABLE.
   *  Added support for interface-specific ports.  Removed
      "port" config variable (but it is still supported).
   *  Multiple "listen" config vars may now be listed on separate
   *  Fixed log output with 64-bit integers on 4.4BSD, when "%llu"
      is broken.
   *  "mysql-host" config var now supports optional ":port" to
      specify nonstandard MySQL port number.
   *  Fixed DNS encoding bug in AXFR code.
   *  Numerous enhancements to resolution algorithm to (hopefully)
      include more additional data. CNAME resolution now handled
      somewhat differently.
   *  Added full list of record types to --verbose output (old
      list had only supported types).
   *  French native language support by Helios de Creisquer.
   *  Brazilian Portugese native language support by Davi Arnaut.
   *  Util programs now installed by default (in PREFIX/bin) -
      "mydnsdump" to output a zone BIND-style, and "mydnscheck"
      to check the correctness of your table data.
   *  Documentation added for util programs.

02-Aug-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.8.2]

   *  Fix for resolution behavior: Server was matching down past
      the first label specified in the initial query, and returning
      answers for labels below the original query. This means that
      if RRs existed for "bar.example.com", the server would return
      RRs for "foo.bar.example.com" in error.    Thanks to Marc
      Jauvin for finding this bug.
   *  Fix for SOA resolution: 'aa' flag was not being set for
      SOA queries for which the server is indeed authoritative.
   *  Fix for "." zone, thanks to Marc Jauvin.
   *  Many updates to "admin.php".
   *  Fixed axfr.c and import.c to support table name config vars.
   *  The "libmydns" C library is no longer installed.

29-Jul-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.8.1]

   *  Serious bug fixed in handling queries from recursive
      DNS servers.    Thanks to Simon Dick and Arnaud de Bermingham.
   *  Possibly bad bug fixed: Some elements of the task structure
      were being accessed after the task had been freed.
      However, because it was the very next statement, it still
      worked fine on my box.  Upgrading is recommended.
   *  Added support for multiple addresses in "bind" config var.
   *  "bind" config var now called "listen" (but "bind" still works)
   *  New config var: "ptr-table"
   *  New config var: "soa-table"
   *  New config var: "rr-table"
   *  If any table contains an "active" column, it will be examined
      when loading records.    It must be an ENUM with the first
      value meaning "active" and the second meaning "inactive".
      It ought to be indexed.

27-Jul-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.8]

   *  Created "src/util" for small utility programs that don't
      get installed.
   *  Wrote "dumpzone", a utility to dump zone info in BIND format.
   *  Fixed bug in which PTR records without a dot a the end
      of the "name" data were being served as-is, resulting in
      a "protocol error".  PTR records without the trailing dot
      now have the dot appended automatically.
   *  Added round robin DNS ability (random order).
   *  Added support for TCP requests.
   *  Added AXFR support.
   *  Added config option "allow-tcp".
   *  Added config option "allow-axfr".
   *  Added config option "log".
   *  Added configure script option "--with-confdir".
   *  Added checks for database access and table presence
      at server start.
   *  Fixed bug with "bind" option under FreeBSD.
   *  Changed size of "rr.name" field from 64 to 63.  Current
      users don't need to alter their tables unless they want to.
   *  Added support for load balancing using the "aux" field on
      A and AAAA records.  (See the documentation)

18-Jul-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.7.1]

   *  Added support for "bind" configuration option contributed
      by Andreas Ljunggren.
   *  Clarified contents of PTR table in the documentation.
   *  Enhanced the "admin.php" web administration script to support
      PTR records and to display very large result sets more cleanly.
   *  Fixed bug with PTR record resolution (question was being
      examined in incorrect byte order).

17-Jul-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.7]

   *  Fixed a serious bug in resolution routines when the
      cache was used.
   *  Added multi-CPU support.

14-Jul-2002  Don Moore  <bboy@bboy.net>  [0.6]

   *  Initial public release as version 0.6.

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