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5.3 mydnsimport

The `mydnsimport' program can be used to import data into your MyDNS database from external sources. This is the simplest way to seed your database when migrating from another name server to MyDNS.

The only import option supported at this time is the `-a, --axfr' option. Pretty much every name server on the market supports DNS-based zone transfers via AXFR. Make sure your MyDNS server has permission to request a zone transfer for the zone you wish to import, then specify the host name and zone name with the `--axfr' option.

If you want to test permissions, you can use the `dig' command, like:

# dig @bind.example.com axfr example.com

Let's say you have a BIND server located at bind.example.com and you are going to get rid of it and switch to MyDNS. Great! You want to import the zones example.com and example.net, as well as the PTR records from 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa. You would issue the following commands:

# mydnsimport --axfr=bind.example.com example.com example.net
# mydnsimport --axfr=bind.example.com 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa

For an explanation of all available options, please see the `mydnsimport(8)' man page.